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Too bad MP and I missed you this morning when we called to wish you well, but at least she spoke to your voice mail! LOL!

I hope you have a great one today!

♥ you!!!
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I have heard back from the breast center and I have my biopsy scheduled for next Tuesday, March 31 at 7:45am.

*is O__o*

Knowing me and my body, I have asked from my doctor a prescription for anxiety meds. I will need that extra edge of oblivion for me to get through this procedure.

I was telling Steve about it the other day and he said "what's another scar on your boobie?"

Yeah, thanks for that, hon! Really appreciate it!

*men... O__o*

So, yeah... I feel better knowing it's going to get done next week, and not the mammogram in September, and I just ask again for all good wishes and vibes and thoughts and prayers.

*one big group hug to you all*
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flist cut

hi all...

i've done a flist cut tonight... there are just too many on there and i think i really only talk to about 50 of you most days.

if you've been cut, it's because we don't really have anything in common any longer or we don't comment on each others post...or haven't in very long time.

i hope there aren't any hard feelings, and feel free to defriend me as well if you agree, but this needed to be done.
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Breaking news...

U.S. Airways Plane crashes into the Hudson River after take ofF from La Guardia

Steve just called and asked if I was watching the news because he just flipped the channel and saw that a plane went down in the Hudson River.

I massively began to freak out on him... he understood when I told him that US Airways was my carrier when I leave in 3 weeks!!!

From today!!!

However, I arrive and depart from JFK!
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I hope you have a fabulous day even if you were scheduled to work! I seriously thought about doing a voice post for you as well, but my voice is all crackly right now!

*massive hugs*